Le Petit Prince Mini Notebook v2

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Le Petit Prince Mini Notebook v2 (PSN005)

Measurement:    9.2cm by 14.5cm
Available designs: Code 01 (Little Prince - Red), Code 02 (Little Prince - Dark Green), Code 03 (New York), Code 04 (Paris)
Price                  : SGD3.90
Additional info    :
  • Notebook with lines, with 42 pages (double side = 84 sides)
  • Free postage! :)

Mask Bunny Drawstring Pencil Case



Mask Bunny Drawstring Pencil Case (PC003)
Measurement       : Approx 19cm by 9.5cm (23cm taking into account the ears)
Available colours  : Maroon,  Brown, Blue and Grey 
(Please note that actual Brown will look lighter than in the photo)
Price                    : SGD8.90
Additional info     :
  • Cute bunny designed drawstring bunny pencil case suitable for putting your stationery or even act as a make up pouch!
  •  Great gift idea
  • Includes normal postage :)

Vintage Full Moon Multipurpose Case

Vintage Full Moon Multipurpose Case (M011)
Measurement  : 12cm by 10cm (4cm thick)
Weight            : Approx 50g
Design            : As above
Price               : SGD13.90
Status             : New stock!
Additional info : 
  • Vintage travel design
  • Handy pouch suitable for cameras, mp3, handphone (with internal ......compartment to put memory cards too!)
  • Comes with a handle
  • Material: Crack pattern synthetic leather 
  • Made in Korea

Pamayang Drawing Notebook

(Example of internal pages, click to enlarge!)

Pamayang Drawing Notebook (NN007)
Measurement             : 14 cm by 14 cm by 2.6cm (thick)
Weight                       : Approx 380g
Available design         : Code 01 Hug (Red), Code 02 Hope (Blue)
Price                          : SGD12.90 each, SGD 20.80 (Set of 2 different design)
Additional information :
  • Notebook has approx. 96 pages with cute internal pages
  • Design from Korea
  • Draw, sketch or write your little love notes down in this couple design notebook!
  • Free postage with purchase of 2 notebooks! :)

Romantic Crystal Ear hole cap


Romantic Crystal Ear Hole Cap (MA001)
Price                          : SGD5.50
Status                        : Popular!
Available designs        : Code 01 (Key), Code 02 (Waterdrop), Code 03 (Cross), Code 04 (Heart), Code 05(Star), Code 06 (Tiera), Code 07 (Ribbon)
Additional information :
  • Made in Korea mobile phone accessory
  • Anti dust purpose, suitable for all mobile phones (iPhone, Samsung etc) with 3.5mm jack
  • Bling bling design suitable for own use or as gift :)
  • Free postage!

Le Petit Prince (Little Prince) Stickers


Le Petit Prince (Little Prince) Stickers (ST013)
Measurement             : 9cm by 13.2cm
Price                          : SGD4.90
Status                        : New stock!
Additional information:
  • Vintage Little Prince stickers in a stamp-shaped.
  • Each set comes with 4 sheets of stickers (80 unique designs!)
  • Each sticker is 2cm by 2.4cm
  • Made in Korea :)

2 in 1 Travel Luggage Tag *SOLD OUT*

2 in 1 Travel Luggage Tag (M010)
Measurement       : 9cm by 9cm
Available designs  : Code 01 (Life), Code 02 (Journey), Code 03 (Bear) and Code 04 (Lucky)
Price                    : SGD6.90 each (2 pieces in a pack)
Status                  : *SOLD OUT*
Additional info     : 
  • Luggage tag made of PVC
  • Made in Korea
  • Great gift for your partner/best friend as there are 2 designs in each pack
  • Free postage :)